The Communist Manifesto


New Hardback with dust jacket

128 pages

15.3 x 1.6 x 19.6 cm


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The Communist Manifesto is one of the most influential texts ever written. When it was first published in 1848, no one - even its authors - could have imagined the enormous consequences it would have on the course of history, and continues to have in parts of the world today. This gift edition is printed in two colours and includes an introduction to the text for the general reader.

Written by radical German philosopher, economist and sociologist Karl Marx (1818-83) with the help of his friend and fellow-radical Friedrich Engels (1820-95), The Communist Manifesto set out the theory of class struggle. Marx and Engels argued that the modern era was dominated by the antagonism between the ruling class, the bourgeoisie, and the labouring class, the proletariat. Inciting the proletariat to revolution, they proposed the abolition of private property and the right of inheritance.

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