How do you live?

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The beloved multi-million copy bestselling Japanese classic about finding one's place in the world


Academy Award-winning anime master Hayao Miyazaki's favourite childhood book and the inspiration behind the Studio Ghibli film

'In How Do You Live?, Copper, our hero, and his uncle are our guides in science, in ethics, in thinking. And on the way they take us, through a school story set in Japan in 1937, to the heart of the questions we need to ask ourselves about the way we live our lives. We will experience betrayal and learn about how to make tofu. We will examine fear, and how we cannot always live up to who we think we are, and we learn about shame, and how to deal with it. We will learn about gravity and about cities, and most of all, we will learn to think about things - to, as the writer Theodore Sturgeon put it, ask the next question' - from the foreword by Neil Gaiman


  • An important, worthwhile and surprisingly of-the-moment novel ... as timely now as it was in 1937
    Asian Review of Books
  • Heartwarming and empathetic. . . Like the best Miyazaki films, [the] lessons are often deceptively simple, but they have implications for every person who comes of age through adversity.
  • Not easily forgotten. . . Some may feel inclined to affirm an unusual truth: 'I am wiser for having read this book.'
    The New York Times Book Review
  • How Do You Live? is that rare thing . . . It asks its young readers to think about the person they want to be, and its adult readers to reflect on the person they've become.
  • A quiet, introspective look at life and how to be human.
    Kirkus Reviews
  • [A] deeply thoughtful Japanese classic . . . Yoshino's timeless lessons will resonate with sensitive readers young and old.
    Publishers Weekly
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