innocent - our story & somethings we’ve learned

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innocent - our story & somethings we’ve learned

Câu chuyện khởi nghiệp và thành công của Innocent, hãng bán nước hoa quả, smoothie tại Anh. Ngày đầu tiên bán được 24 chai, sau 10 năm bán 2 triệu chai/ tuần.

“Packed with the same humour that their websites/drinks etc carry and loads of business hints and tips, this is one of my go to books for inspiration and small laughs here and there. It's such an easy read and very lighthearted. But don't be fooled - while it doesn't take itself too seriously on one hand, when it comes to business and the importance of certain must-do things along that scary, uncertain entrepreneurial path, this is where it balances out. Reading the book feels more like you're having an informative chat with all three, over a cup of tea or...well, a delicious smoothie! The pride they have for the business they built, as well as visions of those early days of testing the waters leap out at you.”

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