Dicken's London

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“Dickens London is a collection of short , but mesmerising essays ,which serve as a fantastic insight into the 19th century world he lived in . Who better to describe that era than Charles Dickens ? I will single out two essays of the twenty-six for special mention ;

Gone Astray ; his recollection of getting lost in London all day as a nine year old boy . You will be left in no doubt at how up shit's creek and panicked he felt .

A Visit To Newgate ; Sometime in the 1830's he was granted a tour of the notorious Newgate prison . It ends with his bleak and uncompromising comments on the 'Condemned Cells' , where men counted down the hours until they were taken to the gallows . You might lean back and take a breath after reading this one .

If this era fascinates you I strongly recommend you give this book a read .”

Folio Society 1966 used very good 450k/370k with/ without slipcase


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